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January 10, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Violent political threats surge as 2024 and the election cycle begins in earnest

— Fox News and other right-wingers are going after Taylor Swift for promoting voter registration

— John Sauer, one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, argues in court that a US president would have immunity even if they ordered their political rival assassinated

— Failed former President Donald Trump appears in court again, and explodes afterward, refusing to rule out violence in 2024

— Failed former President Donald Trump bores his audience to death during a rally in Clinton, Iowa

— Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips, a challenger to President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary, has a turnout of zero at an event in New Hampshire

— Donald Trump publishes a video threatening revenge on President Joe Biden at midnight

— John Lauro, another of Donald Trump’s defense lawyers, suggests that President Joe Biden could be prosecuted

— Failed former President Donald Trump has a total breakdown, posting nearly 100 dictator-like videos to Truth Social

— Whitney, a top voicemail caller, returns after a lengthy absence with an unhinged rant about Judaism

— On the Bonus Show: Twitter explodes with antisemitic misinformation, Pope’s call to ban surrogacy prompts anger and disappointment, in 41 US states, richest 1% pay lower effective tax rates than everyone else, much more…

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