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Guests on the program have included elected public officials, political candidates, members of the military, film producers, outrageous bigots, scientists, authors, and many more. Guests are alphabetized by last name.

Following are some of the guests who have been on the program:

Scott Page,

Professor of Complex Systems, Political Science, and Economics at the University of Michigan

Carter Page,

managing partner of Global Energy Capital LLC and former foreign policy adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump

Greg Palast,

Bestselling author and journalist

Rae Paoletta,

Space Editor at Inverse

Anthony Papa,

Manager of Media Relations for the Drug Policy Alliance and former prison inmate who served 12 years for a non-violent drug crime

Mike Papantonio,

trial attorney and host of “America’s Lawyer,”

Lynn Paramore,

Contributing Editor at AlterNet

Michael Parenti,

Noted political scholar and author ofThe Face of Imperialism

Carol Paris,

Psychiatrist and member of Physicians for a National Health Program

Deval Patrick,

Governor of Massachusetts

David Patrikarakos,

Contributing Editor at The Daily Beast, contributing writer at Politico, and author of the book “War in 140 Characters: How Social Media Is Reshaping Conflict in the Twenty-First Century”

Peter F. Paul,

the Hollywood entrepreneur, co-founder of Stan Lee Media, and convicted felon who is the subject of the movie Hillary Uncensored

Jason Payne,

founder and CEO of Ada Diamonds

Steven Payson,

professional economist and adjunct professor

Steve Pearlstein,

business and economics columnist at the Washington Post, Professor of Public Affairs at George Washington University

Ian Pearson,

Futurist at Futurizon

Eiten Peled,

Programming Director of Students for Justice in Palestine at UCLA

John Perkins,

Author of Hoodwinked andConfessions of an Economic Hit Man

Robert Peters,

President of Morality in Media

Jordan Peterson,

Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and clinical psychologist

Christopher Petrella,

Blogger at Nation of Change

Margie Phelps,

Westboro Baptist Church

Christian Picciolini,

Founder of the Free Radicals Project, host of Breaking Hate on MSNBC, author of White American Youth, and former white supremacist

Greg Piche,

Healthcare attorney and author of Sham Peer Review

Victor Pickard,

Assistant Professor at Annenberg School for Communication at University of Pennsylvania, author of America’s Battle for Media Democracy: The Triumph of Corporate Libertarianism and the Future of Media Reform

Jessica Pieklo,

Senior Legal Analyst for Rewire

James Piereson,

President of the William E. Simon Foundation, author of Shattered Consensus: The Rise and Decline of America’s Postwar Politics Order

Ashton Elijah Pittman,

blogger & witness to Pastor Damon Thompson viral anti-gay outing in church

Peter Pomerantsev,

Soviet born journalist and author of “Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia”

Lowell Ponte,

Former roving editor for Readers Digest and is author of the new book, The Great Withdrawal: How the Progressives’ 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends

Wendell Potter,

former CIGNA VP & health insurance whistleblower

Dave Pounder,

retired adult film producer, director, and performer, author of the book Obscene Thoughts: A Pornographer’s Perspective on Sex, Love, and Dating

Bill Press,

host of “The Bill Press Show” and contributor to the Huffington Post and the Hill

Karen Pressley,

spent two decades as a Scientology recruiter and was a member of the Sea Org

Josh Preville,

filmmaker, mentalist, author and creator of documentary Losing God

Samantha Price,

evolutionary biologist and Assistant Professor at Clemson University

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