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Guests on the program have included elected public officials, political candidates, members of the military, film producers, outrageous bigots, scientists, authors, and many more. Guests are alphabetized by last name.

Following are some of the guests who have been on the program:

Tim O’Brien,

Attorney at levin papantonio who tried the first C8 case against DuPont

Jon O’Brien,

President of Catholics for Choice

Cailin O’Connor,

Associate Professor at UC Irvine

John O’Dell,

Senior Editor of

Martin O’Malley,

Former Maryland Governor and Former 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Matthew O’Neil,

Activist, Biblical Studies Ph.D. student, certified Humanist chaplain and author of What the Bible Really Does (and Doesn’t) Say About Sex

Cathy O’Neil,

mathematician, data scientist, and author of “Weapons of Math Destruction”

Eric O’Neill,

Former FBI operative best known for his involvement in the case of Robert Hanssen

Ed O’Reilly,

Democratic candidate for US Senator from Massachusetts, 2008

Dean Obeidallah,

Political comedian

Bill Oglesby,

Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s Robertson School of Media and Culture

Norman Ohler,

New York Times bestselling author, novelist, screenwriter, and author of the book “Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany”

Richard Ojeda,

highly decorated 24-year Army veteran, West Virginia State Senator, and Democratic 2020 Presidential candidate

Taki Oldham,

Director of Billionaire’s Tea Party

Helaine Olen,

co-author of The Index Card, author of Pound Foolish, and Slate columnist

Naomi Oreskes,

Professor of the History of Science at Harvard, and co-author, with Erik Conway, of Merchants of Doubt

Victor Ostrovsky,

ex-Mossad case officer, former member of the Israeli Defense Force, and formerLieutenant Commander of the Israeli Navy

R. Scott Oswald,

trial lawyer and Managing Principal of The Employment Law Group

Ceylan Ozbudak,

Turkish political analyst, television presenter, columnist at Al Arabiya, and Executive Director of Building Bridges

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