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Guests on the program have included elected public officials, political candidates, members of the military, film producers, outrageous bigots, scientists, authors, and many more. Guests are alphabetized by last name.

Following are some of the guests who have been on the program:

Ralph Nader,

Presidential Candidate & Political Activist

Mark Naison,

Professor of African American Studies and History at Fordham University and co-founder of the Badass Teachers Association

David Narkewicz,

the Mayor of Northampton, Massachusetts

Alexandra Natapoff,

Professor of Law at the University of California – Irvine

Richard Neal,

Democratic US Congressman from Massachusetts

David Neiwert,

journalist, blogger, and author most recently of “Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump”

Alondra Nelson,

Professor at Columbia University, Author of Body and Soul

Rabbi David Nesenoff,

Famously recorded Helen Thomas making offensive statements about Israel

Burt Neuborne,

Professor of Civil Liberties at NYU Law School, former ACLU Legal Director, author of Madison’s Music: On Reading the First Amendment

Bill Newman,

Attorney for the ACLU of Massachusetts

Cal Newport,

computer science professor at Georgetown University

Bob Ney,

Former Republican Congressman from Ohio

Bob Ney,

Former Republican Congressman from Ohio

Tom Nichols,

Professor at the US Naval War College and Harvard Extension School

John Nichols,

Writer for The Nation

Ryan Nicodemus,

one-half of “The Minimalists” duo

Nica Noelle,

porn actress, writer, & director

Lawrence Norden,

Deputy Director of the Democracy Program at NYU Law School’s Brennan Center for Justice

Temple Northup,

Assistant Professor in the Jack J. Valenti School of Communication at the University of Houston

Viveca Novak,

investigative editor for McClatchy Washington Bureau

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