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February 8, 2021

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–On the Show:

–President Joe Biden’s approval rating is higher in Texas than that of Texas’ own Republican Governor Greg Abbott

–Joe Biden will ban Donald Trump from continuing to receive intelligence briefings, a courtesy afforded to former Presidents

–Donald Trump’s Republican Party has become nothing more than performative outrage over misunderstandings or imaginary controversies

–White House reporters continue to insist on asking failed gotcha questions rather than serious incisive questions to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

–Fox Business Network abruptly cancels Lou Dobbs’ show, hilariously the network’s highest rated show

–Fox News has a historically disastrous weekend, talking about cancel culture without mentioning the cancellation on their own network and continuing to fail in so many ways

–A majority of Americans now believe former President Donald Trump should be convicted in the upcoming second impeachment trial and barred from holding future office

–64% of Republicans say they would quit the Republican Party and follow Trump to a new third party if he were to start one

–Newsmax invites radical Christian Rachel Hamm to claim that Donald Trump is the best thing for Christianity since Jesus himself

–Voicemail caller does an interpretive reading of a recent David Pakman Show YouTube channel comment left by a very confused viewer

–On the Bonus Show: How Democrats flipped Georgia’s Senate seats, 3-D printed house for sale in New York, 95-year-old German woman charged for Holocaust actions, much more…

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