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February 6, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump is found not guilty by the US Senate on both impeachment counts, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress

–Iowa shouldn’t have the privilege of being first to vote in primaries, and this week’s caucus disaster only strengthens that reality

–Notable discussions from the TDPS subreddit including about David’s prediction, Pete Buttigieg, and much more

–Trumpists absolutely explode over Trump’s supposed “best polling of his presidency,” despite the reality being far less clear

–If Donald Trump loses in November, don’t expect a peaceful transition

–Bernie Sanders raises $25 million in January, a record for any candidate in any single month

–Michael Bloomberg surges to 13% and 14%, respectively, in two recent polls, as he continues to pour money into advertising

–A voter finds out that Pete Buttigieg is gay during the Iowa caucus and immediately wants to take back her vote, which she ultimately did, switching to Elizabeth Warren

–Voicemail caller says it should be okay to say “I don’t know” in politics

–On the Bonus Show: Bernie Madoff wants compassionate release from prison, Finland to give dads same leave as moms, Macy’s closing 20% of stores, much more…

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