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February 4, 2020

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–Robert Larson, Professor of Economics and author of the book “Bit Tyrants: The Political Economy of Silicon Valley” joins David to discuss big tech, billionaire oligarch CEOs, and much more. Get the book:

–The 2020 Democratic Iowa caucuses become an absolute embarrassment after irregularities and a technology crash stop results from being published, and as multiple candidates claims victory, Donald Trump and Republicans have a field day making fun of the incompetence of the Democratic Party

–Multiple sources admit to the existence of a Donald Trump “enemies list,” including the inclusion of former National Security Adviser John Bolton on the list, who Donald Trump allegedly wants to try to imprison

–Donald Trump is melting down over a new Michael Bloomberg ad that uses some of the worst looking pictures of Donald Trump

–Joe Biden continues to touch voters in a hyper-aggressive manner, and it’s very strange

–Donald Trump reportedly called journalist Katy Tur, who has a transgender parent, a “b***c with a t****y dad”

–The David Pakman Show YouTube channel has reached 800,000 subscribers!

–Voicemail caller suggests David would have a bullet in his head in Soviet Russia and is the left wing equivalent of Fox News

–On the Bonus Show: DNC members discuss how to stop Bernie at convention, even insured adults seeking less primary care, Rush Limbaugh announces he has “advanced lung cancer,” much more…

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