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February 3, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Matthew Stewart, philosopher and author of several books including most recently “The 9.9 Percent: The New Aristocracy That Is Entrenching Inequality and Warping Our Culture,” joins David to discuss the 9.9%, in contrast to the top 0.1% and the bottom 90%. Get the book:

–Right wing media is having a field day pretending that Joe Biden’s plan to select the first black woman to the Supreme Court is racist and discriminatory

–The US Army is starting to discharge COVID vaccine refusers, effective immediately

–Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit. including about our Trump rally correspondents and the recent backlash against Carhartt from anti-vaccine right wingers

–Democratic Congressman Pete Aguilar, a member of the House Committee investigating the January 6 Trump riots, says that Donald Trump is “absolutely” tampering with witnesses

–Jason Whitlock, a guest on Tucker Carlson’s daytime program, says that the patriarchy is a good thing and what God intended

–Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene loses her mind during an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, claiming that masks and vaccines don’t work and that not using Ivermectin to treat COVID is “murder”

–Voicemail caller puts the (hopefully) final note on the “leaving the country” controversy by confirming that David is not a “Jew traitor”

–On the Bonus Show: CNN President Jeff Zucker resigns over consensual relationship, lawmakers urge making Lunar New Year a federal holiday, jury begins deliberations in Roy Moore defamation case, much more…

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