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February 26, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Cass Sunstein, Professor at Harvard Law School and author of the new book “On Freedom,” joins David to discuss liberty, freedom, self-determination, and more

–There are many paths to universal health coverage, and the German healthcare system is one that might be better than alternatives that have been proposed so far

–Donald Trump’s convicted personal attorney Michael Cohen plans to accuse the President of crimes during his upcoming testimony before a House committee

–Donald Trump is accused yet again of sexual assault, this time by a 2016 Presidential campaign worker named Alva Johnson

–The growing intellectual divide in the US is not just a cultural curiosity, but a phenomenon with massive potential impact on our society and economy

–David Pakman featured in the song “Beyond the Sun” from Stick to Your Guns’ album “Diamond”

–Voicemail caller is upset about being a poor business owner and paying high taxes, but he may not understand how taxes work

-On the Bonus Show: Republican lawmaker backtracks on anti-gay bill, separation of church and state comes up again, Walmart eliminating greeters, much more…

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