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February 25, 2022

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–On the Show:

–Republican Senator Rick Scott releases an 11 point plan to “rescue America,” and it turns out to be an outrageous, depraved and dangerous plan

–Republican voters have a higher favorability for Vladimir Putin than they do of Democrats

–Prosecutors in charge of the criminal investigation of Donald Trump in Manhattan have resigned

–Caller talks about media literacy and critical thinking

–Caller wonders how Trump can be considered a populist

–Caller doesn’t think the 2020 election voter fraud “evidence” will ever come

–Caller asks about the possibility of Hillary Clinton suing Fox News

–Caller talks about the alt-left and how they all arrived at the same conclusions

–Caller wonders what would happen if Trump came out in support of canceling student debt

–Caller doesn’t feel at home politically in any country

–David responds to some of the latest viewer emails

–On the Bonus Show: Ketanji Brown Jackson nominated to the Supreme Court, Newsmax host blames US presidential term limits on Putin’s invasion, cargo ship of luxury cars abandoned in the ocean, and much more…

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