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February 25, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Roger Hallam, environmental activist and co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, joins David to discuss civil disobedience as an activism tool¬† to compel government action on climate change

–Donald Trump speaks to a large crowd in India, mispronouncing countless words and leading to the mass exodus of the crowd while Trump was speaking

–Donald Trump embarrasses the United States during a press conference in India, talking about the Supreme Court, stealing oil, and much more

–Fox News’ Charles Payne blames Bernie Sanders’ Nevada caucus win on the 1000+ point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average this week

–Joe Biden strangely claims to be a Senate candidate during a confused speech in South Carolina, and we look at the latest polls for the upcoming primary

–How to protect yourself from 2020 election disinformation propaganda, which is expected to reach record levels

–We have been demonetized for exposing anti-Bernie propaganda on corporate media

–Voicemail caller asks whether a coronavirus pandemic would be good or bad for Donald Trump’s re-election chances

–On the Bonus Show: Harvey Weinstein found guilty, Trump creates wealth test for immigrants, Ponzi schemes hit highest level in decade, much more…

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