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February 24, 2020

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–Tom Rivett-Carnac, co-author of the book “The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis,” also a leader in the fields of international diplomacy, energy policy, and climate change, joins David to discuss the new book. Get the book:

–Bernie Sanders easily wins the 2020 Democratic presidential Nevada caucus, and MSNBC implodes, with Chris Matthews likening the win to a Nazi invasion, and others visibly showing their disdain for Bernie

–Trumpists fall for obvious Bernie Sanders smears perpetuated by right-wing celebrities James Woods and Charlie Kirk regarding Bernie’s plans for taxes and Medicare-for-All

–A deeper look at the many ways where the candidate with a plurality of delegates heading into the Democratic National Convention may not come out as the nominee

–Bernie Sanders has been notified that Russia is trying to help him win the Democratic primary, a report which has thrown both the right and parts of the left into disarray

–A visibly sweaty Donald Trump, speaking in Colorado Springs, brags about how his followers are essentially cultists

–Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior at rallies in both Colorado and Las Vegas raises the alarm once again about his cognitive and even physical decline

–Voicemail caller accuses David Pakman and Kyle Kulisnki, without evidence, of receiving money from the Democratic National Committee

–On the Bonus Show: Bloomberg responds to NDA controversy, flat earther dies after launching himself into the air, Supreme Court to hear “religious liberty” case, and much more…

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