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February 20, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Yanis Varoufakis, economist, former finance minister of Greece, and author of the new book “Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism” joins David to discuss technofeudalism, the future of technology’s effect on the economy and inequality, and much more. Get the book:

— Tucker Carlson’s Russian grocery store propaganda is a classic, often replicated in Venezuela, North Korea, and other authoritarian regimes

— Neo-Nazis attempt to march in Nashville, Tennessee but quickly leave when confronted

— Alina Habba, Donald Trump’s failed lawyer, gives an outrageous and borderline comical interview to Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity

— Republican Senator Mitt Romney says that he will not be voting for Donald Trump in November because, among other things, Romney doesn’t vote for sexual assaulters

— Trump sycophants defend his promotion of shoes and other merchandise

— Failed former President Donald Trump is ranked as the worst US President, and it wildly triggers Fox News hosts, including Kayleigh McEnany and Jeanine Pirro

— Donald Trump’s unhinged reaction to the apparent killing of Alexei Navalny makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

— MAGA cult members gather outside one of Donald Trump’s golf courses and truly scare the world

— Voicemail caller asks David whether he will cry when Donald Trump wins in November of 2024

— On the Bonus Show: What to know about Trump’s $399 golden sneakers, Alabama Supreme Court rules frozen embryos are “children,” Rashida Tlaib urges Michigan Democrats to vote “uncommitted” instead of Joe Biden in primary protest, much more…

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