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February 2, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Producer Pat Ford fills in for David (on David’s 40th birthday)

— According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, Joe Biden’s job approval rating has dropped to 38%

— The House of Representatives passes a tax bill that would expand the child tax credit, but it may not pass the Senate due to Republicans worried it would make Joe Biden look good

— Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be expelled, denaturalized, and deported

— Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley appears on the Breakfast Club and answers questions about race and Donald Trump

— Donald Trump meets with the Teamsters union, hoping to secure their endorsement even though they’ll likely support Joe Biden again

— Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims the Trump campaign asked him to be Trump’s running mate

— Republican politician Michael Cassidy is charged with a hate crime after destroying a satanic temple display in the Iowa state capitol

— Right-wingers claim that the Justice Department, Hollywood, and Taylor Swift are all part of a pro-Democrat and pro-Joe Biden psychological operation

— On the Bonus Show: Trump’s legal fees draining his campaign funds, Florida House votes to loosen child labor laws, Trump botching his shot at appealing to women voters, and much more…

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