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February 19, 2024

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— On the Show:

— The competition to be more “left wing” among a faction of the left is self-defeating and counterproductive

— Alexei Navalny, a foe of Vladimir Putin, is found dead at age 47 in a Russian prison under obviously suspicious circumstances

— The Biden crimes fiasco falls apart as a supposed informant, Alexander Smirnov, has been himself charged with crimes

— Republican Senator Ted Cruz says that Barack Obama is secretly the President right now, not Joe Biden

— Failed former President Donald Trump is fined $364 million for fraud in New York, and is potentially on the brink of bankruptcy

— Donald Trump is wildly triggered by the $364 million verdict against him in New York

— Eric Trump, one of Donald Trump’s sons, explodes during post-verdict interviews after Trump is fined $364 million

— A disoriented Donald Trump tells a crowd in Waterford Township, Michigan, the wrong election day, and insists he definitely does not have dementia

— Donald Trump is brutally booed at Sneakercon in Philadelphia, almost having to end his speech early

— A pathetic Nikki Haley admits that she would pardon Donald Trump if she were to be President and Trump were to be convicted of federal crimes

— Voicemail caller is furious that David didn’t come in to do extra shows on the weekend to cover news items that are on today’s show

— On the Bonus Show: Truckers for Trump to boycott driving to NYC after fraud ruling, automated speed cameras get a fresh look, Joe Manchin announces he won’t run for President, much more…

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