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February 19, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Bernie Sanders is now leading every new national 2020 Democratic primary poll in advance of the Nevada caucus and tonight’s Presidential debate

–Michael Bloomberg has made the Democratic primary debate stage and will be facing off against Bernie Sanders and other candidates tonight

–This week’s episode of Hatriot Mail

–A new study says Medicare-for-All would save $450 billion per year while preventing 68,000 unnecessary deaths per year

–Donald Trump pardons countless criminals in the latest normalization of corruption and yet another example of elites taking care of elites

–It appears that Donald Trump got the idea to pardon Rod Blagojevich after seeing his wife, Patti Blagojevich, defending Donald Trump on television

–Donald Trump is increasingly obsessed with Michael Bloomberg, regularly triggered by Bloomberg on a nearly-daily basis

–Republican Senator Susan Collins is trailing a new poll in Maine to challenger Sara Gideon as 2020 is the best opportunity to remove her from office since her 1996 election to the Senate

–Caller is considering no longer paying his student loans because he believes Bernie Sanders will be President and will then forgive his student loans

–On the Bonus Show: Gun rights activist swarmed by protesters, rural Oregonians look at joining Idaho, healthcare non-payment lawsuits keep growing, much more…

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