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February 14, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Michael Bloomberg positions himself to a solid third place in the Democratic presidential field despite getting off to a late start and the recently uncovered racist audio of him defending stop-and-frisk in New York City

–Based on Donald Trump’s tweets, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the President is triggered by Michael Bloomberg

–Caller wonders if the media will ever get behind Bernie Sanders

–Caller is positive the Iowa Caucuses debacle was conspiracy, not incompetence

–Caller asks if progressive pundits should go on Fox News

–Caller imagines what could be the last straw for Donald Trump’s abuse of power

–Caller discusses Trump getting involved in Roger Stone’s legal battle

–Caller wants the House of Representatives to criminally indict President Trump

–Caller suspects free state college tuition would lower military recruitment

–Caller says her parents used to be Democrats but got brainwashed by Fox News

–Audience Question: What would be a deal breaker to you supporting a presidential candidate?

–Audience Question: Is Michael Bloomberg an oligarch?

–Audience Question: What’s worse, the electoral college or the caucus system?

–On the Bonus Show: William Barr criticizes Trump, Pat thinks Michael Bloomberg is going all the way to the general election, and much more…

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