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February 13, 2024

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— On the Show:

— Steven Kenneth “Destiny” Bonnell II, Cuban-American political streamer, debater, and commentator, joins David to discuss his recent direct confrontations of right wing extremists, and his latest in-person political activism

— The White House trolls MAGA over the Super Bowl win for the “Swifties”

— After being humiliated in person by Vladimir Putin, Tucker Carlson says that Moscow is a better city than any city in the United States

— David Pakman Show correspondent Luke Beasley attends the Donald Trump rally in Conway, South Carolina, and it quickly gets both scary and dangerous

— Yet another attempt at explaining the “crimes” of President Joe Biden on Fox News

— Failed former President Donald Trump forgets who is president yet again, this time at a rally in Conway, South Carolina

— Despite Donald Trump’s constant brain failures, corporate media are continuing to ignore many of them

— Facebook and Instagram officially shadowban The David Pakman Show content, and all political content, confirming what we all suspected

— Voicemail caller says Trump’s kryptonite is powerful women

— On the Bonus Show: House Republicans request transcripts of Biden interview with Robert Hurt, Republican Senator defending Putin sparks backlash, RFK Jr apologizes to his family for Super Bowl ad invoking JFK, much more…

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