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February 13, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Another unidentified flying object has been shot down, believed to be yet another surveillance balloon from China, as China claims the US also flies balloons over China

— Solar power is suddenly incredibly good on Fox News in the context of the Chinese surveillance balloons

— Republican Congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna claimed to be Jewish, but isn’t, and is actually the granddaughter of a Nazi

— Republicans’ “Hunter Biden’s laptop” narrative implodes as a “Trump laptop” surfaces

— Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is humiliated by new Congressman Dan Goldman during a recent hearing

— Failed former President Donald Trump is losing to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis by 13 in a new Monmouth poll

— Donald Trump explodes, wildly attacking Ron DeSantis, after a new poll has Trump losing to DeSantis by 13

— Incredible footage of a man’s paralyzed hand being cured by a Christian preacher

— The David Pakman Show is now available in Spanish on YouTube!

— Voicemail caller wants to hear David’s stories of selling extended service plans during his time working at the now defunct Circuit City

— On the Bonus Show: Nikki Haley may announce she’s running for President, Alabama Democrats want to ban employers from forcing workers to get micro-chipped, College Board slams Florida for “slander” of AP black history course, much more…

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