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February 1, 2021

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–On the Show:

–The New York Times Editorial Board writes a piece telling Joe Biden to slow down, and not do so many things so quickly

–McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski assures investors during its recent Q4 earnings conference call that McDonald’s would do just fine even if the minimum wage increases across the country

–14% of those arrested so far for participating in the Trump riots on January 6 are members of the military

–Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers quit just a week before the start of his second impeachment trial in the US Senate, leaving him in a hilarious situation

–Radical Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene once claimed a secret Jewish space laser was to blame for wildfires

–Outrageous Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene previously endorses violence to achieve political goals and denied aspects of the 9/11 attacks

–Fox host Maria Bartiromo is not easing up on the outrageous claims on her broadcasts despite Donald Trump being out of office

–Without a shred of irony, Newsmax host Chris Salcedo blames Democrats for “pushing America to civil war”

–Voicemail caller asks whether there is even proof that Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has her GED, which she claims to have finished in 2020

–On the Bonus Show: Republican COVID relief counteroffer, the path to expel Marjorie Taylor Greene, Russians demand release of Alexei Navalny, much more…

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