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December 6, 2023

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— On the Show:

— President Joe Biden tells a group of donors that he’s “not sure” if he’d be running for re-election if Donald Trump weren’t running again in 2024

— Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson admits he’s protecting alleged January 6 criminals by blurring their faces in videos

— Fox News contributor Brit Hume gives Republicans the brutal reality check that Trump will likely lose to Biden in 2024

— Fox News host Jesse Watters asks Robert F. Kennedy Jr about his trips on Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet

— Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s dangling booger is representative of the mess that was yesterday’s Senate hearings with FBI Director Christopher Wray

— During a Fox News town hall hosted by propagandist Sean Hannity, failed former President Donald Trump admits twice that he will abuse power on day one of his presidency

— A terrified and cornered Donald Trump lashes out in an absurd tirade on Truth Social

— Republicans want to impeach President Joe Biden for loaning his son, Hunter Biden, money for a car

— The David Pakman Show YouTube channel has reached and surpassed 2 million subscribers

— Voicemail caller is angry that David went after Trump’s kids

— On the Bonus Show: Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville’s military holds come to an end, 6.9 million 23andMe profiles hacked, Panera Bread’s Charged Lemonade blamed for another death, much more…

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