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December 31, 2019

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–On the show:

–A final 2019 look at 2020 Democratic primary polling shows that while Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are more or less where they were 6 months ago, Elizabeth Warren has seen a sharp decline

–Republicans have successfully muddled the impeachment issue to make it about Joe Biden instead of remaining about Donald Trump

–Caller thinks he’s not getting dates because of the Me Too Movement

–Caller starts thinking about the eventual Democratic nominee’s choice for Vice President

–Caller notices Fox News conspiracy theories getting contradictory

–Caller’s family is filled with Joe Biden supporters

–Caller worries the Supreme Court will strike down progressive policy initiatives

–Caller discusses the decline of religiosity

–Caller talks Biggie vs Tupac

–Caller speculates what will happen if Iran obtains nuclear weapons

–The last Hatriot Mail episode of 2019

–Fox News’ 2019 fake scandals

–Voicemail caller confirms why we can’t convince Trumpists, we need to work around them for 2020

–On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat presents the top TDPS clips of 2019!

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