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December 30, 2019

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–On the Show:

–Exploring possible futures of the United States of America as a country, realizing that maintaining the status quo is a high priority for moneyed interests

–Donald Trump’s tariffs have backfired, according to a new report, killing jobs while raising prices to American consumers

–Donald Trump appears to neurologically malfunction during a bizarre speech for Turning Point USA

–Despite claiming he isn’t worried about impeachment, Donald Trump spends entire days rage-tweeting about impeachment

–Economic misunderstandings are allowing people to be tricked and confused about the truth regarding the job market in the United States

–David is smeared as being against Medicare-for-All in a new video compilation

–Texting while driving is insanely dangerous, and is spreading like a virus

–The David Pakman Show returned from vacation to more than a dozen bogus copyright claims from legacy corporate media outlets

–Voicemail caller inquires about the different between democratic socialism and social democracy

–On the Bonus Show: Stories from vacation, including some bizarre interactions with fellow travelers

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