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December 28, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Jesse Dollemore, host of Dollemore Daily and co-host of the I Doubt It podcast, fills in for David

— Lauren Boebert switches congressional districts to increase her chances of winning in 2024

— Nikki Haley is asked about the cause of the Civil War, and worried about offending her base, is scared to mention slavery

— Vivek Ramaswamy goes on Fox News and says he believes he will win the Iowa caucuses

— Chris Christie says he’s the only Republican candidate calling Trump out in a new campaign ad

— Nick Fuentes goes on a vile racist rant after Kanye West apologizes to Jewish people in Hebrew

— Lindsey Graham misinforms the Fox News audience about a New York bill, calls conservatives tolerant, and calls Chick-Fil-A “God’s chicken”

— Republicans put politics ahead of national security, advocating extreme actions in the Middle East

— Kari Lake looks scared after a judge refuses to dismiss a defamation lawsuit against her

— Julie Banderas says pro-Palestinian protesters should be silenced

— On the Bonus Show: Nikki Haley does damage control, John Fetterman continues to distance himself from progressives, and much more…

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