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December 28, 2017

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–On the Show:

–Newly instituted voter ID laws in Wisconsin plummeted turnout for the 2016 presidential election, a major reason why Donald Trump carried the state by 23,000 votes

–Chris Baldridge, the father of Army Sargent Dillon Baldridge who was killed in action serving in Afghanistan, said that President Trump called him in June and offered $25,000 to help establish a fundraiser, then never followed through with the payment

–Six 32GB thumb drives are available to those who sign up for a yearly TDPS membership

–Notable discussions from The David Pakman Show Subreddit

–In the race for US Senator from Alabama, Democrat Doug Jones has closed a five-point gap with Republican Roy Moore; both are tied at 42% apiece with 11% still unsure according to a recent Fox News poll

–To the dismay of right-wing Christian fundamentalists, New Mexico public schools are re-instituting proper science standards to include the teaching of evolution, the age of the earth, and climate change

–Biloxi, Mississippi’s school district has decided to pull Harper Lee’s 1960 novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” from its eighth-grade curriculum following numerous complaints made by parents over the book’s racial language

–Fox News host Jon Scott argues that if low-income Americans have health expenses covered for them, then they will have no incentive to live an active and healthy lifestyle

–Kevin Wilshaw, a lifelong neo-Nazi, renounces his forty-year involvement in the white supremacist movement and opens up about being gay and having Jewish heritage

–Voicemail caller says if the economy tanks, President Trump will be removed from office

–On the Bonus Show: Border wall prototypes constructed in San Diego, flyer sues airline over sparkling wine mismarketing, Amazon building a new $5 billion headquarters, and much more…

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