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December 26, 2019

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–On the Show:

–A themed show on tax policy made up of stories we’ve covered over the years

–Audience Question: What should the top marginal tax rate be?

–Audience Question: Would businesses move to another country if we taxed them more?

–Audience Question: Does the Laffer Curve make any sense?

–An analysis of six decades of data find that tax rates have little association with productivity, and that reductions in capital gains taxes and top marginal rates lead to greater income inequality

–The 400 richest Americans are now paying lower taxes than any other income group in another handout to the super rich

–Justin Elliott, reporter at ProPublica, joins David to discuss¬† the Taxpayer First Act and the many ways in which tax filing companies work to keep the tax-filing process as complicated as possible

–Billionaire Michael Dell hilariously faceplants at the Davos World Economic Forum after being told that a 70% marginal tax rate has worked in the United States by Professor Erik Brynjolfsson

–Caller talks about whether implementing a wealth tax would be a good idea

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