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December 25, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump’s musings about martial law have the military officer community on red alert, not to participate, but to avoid being drawn into Trump’s chaos

–Republicans block Democrats’ attempts at increasing COVID stimulus payments to $2,000 per person as suggested by Donald Trump just days ago

–Caller asks about abolishing the electoral college

–Caller wonders how progressives can have leverage over Joe Biden

–Caller talks about right-wingers switching from Fox News to Newsmax

–Caller calls out Pedro from Colombia

–Caller discusses Trump’s speech about coronavirus stimulus

–Caller wonders if Kamala Harris can push Joe Biden left

–Caller talks about the Jimmy Dore / Alexandria Ocasio Cortez fiasco

–Caller asks if the Trump coup on January 6th could work

–Audience Question: Will Trump try to stay in office after January 20th?

–Audience Question: Will Republicans pretend that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president?

–Audience Question: Can Joe Biden do anything if Democrats don’t win back the Senate

–On the Bonus Show: A Christmas Day edition of the Friday Bonus Show with Producer Pat

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