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December 23, 2020

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–On the Show:

–A new high of 71% of Americans now want to get the coronavirus vaccine, a continued steady increase as more is learned about the vaccine, and as more people are vaccinated

–Donald Trump momentarily leaves hiding to deliver a bizarre four minute speech about the possible second COVID relief package, threatening to veto it, asking for more money for people, while simultaneously telling endless lies

–Donald Trump’s pardon list grows with another 15 pardons and commutations, with Donald Trump’s pardon list overall skewed to people he has connections to, or whose crimes benefited Trump in some way

–Former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is already leading 2021 New York City Mayoral polls although he has not even announced his candidacy

–Donald Trump’s lunatic lawyer Sidney Powell claims she has been banned from the White House as more Republicans continue to turn on her

–Evangelicals start to turn on Donald Trump, the latest being televangelist Pat Robertson and his son, Gordon Robertson

–Very ugly allegations about The David Pakman Show’s YouTube subscribers surface during a recent episode of Sam Seder’s Majority Report

–Voicemail caller explains that his fiancée is very jealous of David

–On the Bonus Show: Rudy Giuliani’s suspicious cell phone, Vatican okay with vaccines using abortion cell lines, Dr. Birx will retire after Biden transition, much more…

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