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December 20, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Farron Cousins, host of Farron Balanced and Ring of Fire Radio, fills in for David

–Senator Joe Manchin goes on Fox News Sunday with Bret Baier and announces he will not support Joe Biden’s Build Back Better legislation, effectively killing the bill

–Young voters disapprove of President Biden’s job performance so far by a near two-to-one margin

–Joe Biden confirms forty federal judges in his first year in office, more than doubling the amount Donald Trump was able to confirm in his first year

–Fox News host Tucker Carlson and his guest Jesse Kelly claim the American military is no longer “manly” enough

–Ron DeSantis seeks to ban the teaching of critical race theory in schools as part of the Florida Governor’s latest attempt to champion the right-wing side of the culture war

–Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox News is allowed to move forward meaning the conservative network may soon have to settle to avoid further embarrassment

–In an unprecedented move, the Republican National Committee has agreed to pay $1.6 million of Donald Trump’s legal bills

–Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen announces a lawsuit against Donald Trump for alleged “retaliatory imprisonment”

–Federal judges warn that the January 6th Capitol riots present an “ongoing risk to the nation”

–Stop The Steal Founder Ali Alexander sues to stop the January 6th commission from obtaining his phone records

–On the Bonus Show: Republican lawmaker dies from COVID, Bret Baier turns on fellow Fox hosts over January 6th texts, Trump and Bill O’Reilly’s speaking tour flops, and much more…

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