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December 15, 2020

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–Graeme Wood, journalist who writes for The Atlantic and author of the book “The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State,” joins David to discuss American democracy, the 2020 election, polarization, and income inequality. Get Graeme’s book:

–Joe Biden officially becomes President-Elect as electors across all 50 states formally cast their ballots, which signals the official loss for President Donald Trump

–Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr announces his resignation, effective December 23, and speculation runs rampant about whether he was fired, and if he resigned, why he chose to do so

–Trumpists on Fox News are despondent as Joe Biden formally wins the Electoral College, including Kayleigh McEnany, Charlie Kirk, and Laura Ingraham

–Republican Senate candidate Kelly Loeffler can’t explain how it was rigged against Donald Trump in November but won’t be rigged against her in the upcoming January 5 runoff election

–Twitter confirms that after he is out of office, Donald Trump can indeed be banned from the platform

–Calls grow for the arrest of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for his recent claims at the Million MAGA march that Joe Biden will be removed “one way or another”

–For the first time ever, Newsmax beat out Fox News in ratings during a particular time slot, raising more questions about the future of right wing media

–The San Antonio Troll, a longtime caller, still doesn’t understand anything about how the world works

–On the Bonus Show: COVID-19 vaccination stickers, the people that did well during the coronavirus pandemic, Toyota’s game-changing car battery, much more…

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