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December 12, 2018

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–On the Show:

–Doctor Hagai Levine, Head of Environmental Health Track at Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Public Health, joins David to discuss the problem of declining male fertility and sperm counts

–A new legal opinion from Laurence Tribe argues that, despite what others have been saying, a sitting President can indeed be indicted and prosecuted

–In a totally self-defeating meeting at the White House, Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer make Donald Trump look like a fool

–This week’s Hatriot Mail

–The US, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Kuwait reject a major climate change report from the IPCC in advance of climate talks in Poland

–Outrageous Republican Steve King demands answers from Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai about iPhones, a product made not by Google but by their competitor, Apple

–We received confirmation that thousands of mail ballots were simply not counted in Florida during the recent 2018 midterm elections

–Voicemail caller suggests that keeping Trump in office as President actually helps the progressive movement

–On the Bonus Show: Piers Morgan suggests himself for Trump’s Chief of Staff, McDonald’s wants to change antibiotic use in beef production, Huawei’s CFO granted bail in Canada, much more…

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