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December 11, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump rage-tweeted yesterday morning attacking the election results, claiming he won, and warning of a “dangerous moment” if the results are not overturned

–President-Elect Joe Biden is going to have the entire White House sprayed with disinfectant before taking over on January 20th

–Caller wonders what the endgame is for the loyal Trump followers

–Caller questions if Trump will start a civil war

–Caller warns that the Trump coup attempt could work

–Caller asks why the Democratic Party is so incompetent

–Caller thinks Trump is making Americans look ridiculous

–Caller talks about how the right wing media will oppose Joe Biden’s administration

–Caller doesn’t know what to think about women driving in Saudi Arabia

–Caller points out that even with 50 Senate seats, Democrats won’t be able to pass their full agenda

–Audience Question: What happens to Trump’s kids when he leaves office?

–Audience Question: Are Republicans going to boycott the Georgia Senate runoff elections?

–Audience Question: What will happen in the 2022 midterms?

–On the Bonus Show: Stimulus update, calls for Dianne Feinstein’s resignation, fact-checking the Trump/Texas lawsuit, and much more…

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