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August 5, 2016

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On the Show:

–Classic Interview: Nancy Cohen, historian and author of Delirium: The Politics of Sex in America joins us to discuss the long history of rape-related nonsense among the American right-wing in light of the recent comments in the media by Todd Akin, Paul Ryan, and other Republicans

–What would support for Donald Trump look like if he ran for office in other countries?

–Headlines claim that flossing may not be as important as we think

–Our show has successfully coined four words; make them part of your TDPS vocabulary

–Caller: When’s That Police Violence Video Coming Out?

–What YouTube Channels Do David & Louis Subscribe To?

–Caller: Do Violent Video Games Cause Real World Violence?

–If Trump Loses, Does the Republican Party End?

–Caller Says David Calls All Criticism of Israel “Anti-Semitism”

–Caller Explains “Hillary” Chants at DNC

–Audience Question: How Do You Fix a Messed Up Sleep Schedule? Question

–Audience Question: What Happened to Your High School Bullies & Class Clowns? Question

–Audience Question: Why No Liberal Anti-War Anger with Obama? Question

–On the Bonus Show: Chlorine attack in Syria, Trump warns of rigged election, Vancouver’s foreign home-buyer tax, more…

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