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August 30, 2022

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— On the Show:

— Dan Canon, civil rights lawyer and law professor at the University of Louisville, joins David to discuss his book Pleading Out: How Plea Bargaining Creates a Permanent Criminal Class. Get the book:

— More than 40% of Americans are now expecting a second American civil war within the next ten years according to a new Economist/YouGov poll

— Republicans are increasingly terrified that their views on abortion will lose them elections in the fall as multiple Republicans scrub their anti-choice views from their respective websites

— Why do right-wingers and Republicans hate electric vehicles?

— Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson claims that the existence of winter disproves climate change in the latest science-free unhinged rant

— Donald Trump completely loses it, demanding he either be made President immediately or a new presidential election be held right away

— Donald Trump’s social media platform Truth Social is collapsing and heading towards bankruptcy as debts now surpass $1 million

— Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones joins in the predictions of violence

— Voicemail caller asks David whether he’s fighting fascism on the David Pakman Show because his family escaped Germany before the Holocaust (which is not true)

— On the Bonus Show: Biden to give prime time speech, launch of NASA’s moon rocket delayed due to engine issue, John Fetterman calls on Biden to decriminalize marijuana, much more…

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