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August 25, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Failed former President Donald Trump is arrested in Georgia, receives a mugshot, and delivers a lie-riddled speech before getting back on his plane home

— Donald Trump says jail was “terrible” in an insane post-arrest interview with Newsmax’s Greg Kelly

— Donald Trump hilariously claims to weigh 215 pounds at his arrest in Atlanta, Georgia

— 2024 Green Party presidential candidate Cornel West is confronted about his owed taxes and child support payments, and his response is a total word salad which does not include a denial

— Caller is very worried about how David is picking up his daughter

— Caller wonders what Donald Trump’s funeral will be like, and who would eulogize Trump at such an event

— Caller is worried about how and whether the US will ever redeem itself after unleashing Trump on the world

— Caller wonders whether left-wingers are more open to dissenting ideas than right-wingers

— Caller wonders whether psychoanalysis is merely nonsense

— Caller is concerned about Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott meddling in public education

— Caller is worried about Oregon initiative regarding legislator attendance policies

— Caller wonders why Republicans have become increasingly populist in their rhetoric

— Caller asks why right-wingers appear to love ad hominem attacks

— This week’s Feedback Friday

— On the Bonus Show: COVID hospitalizations are up 22%, some mask mandates return, anti-Putin mercenary chief Yevgeny Progozhin killed in plane crash, is Vivek Ramaswamy the new Tulsi Gabbard, much more…

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