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August 24, 2018

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–On the Show:

–After a week of Trump associates getting in trouble for financial crimes, it is now more important than ever to see Donald Trump’s tax returns, something that will probably never happen

–Some Republican leaders are panicked that Donald Trump is going to start handing out pardons to cover up his own wrongdoings

–Caller wonders whether the existence of a Trump n-word tape would be a big deal

–Caller compares the Canadian criminal justice system to the American criminal justice system

–Caller asks if David is aware of things

–Caller argues that right-wing channels dominate YouTube

–Caller believes social democracy is too far left for him

–Caller suspects stricter magazine capacity limits would not affect mass shooting casualties

–Caller wonders why the right-wing is so terrified of democratic socialism

–Audience Question: Does “reverse racism” really exist?

–Audience Question: Are Democrats as responsible as Republicans for the election of Donald Trump

–Audience Question: Do free speech warriors¬†and members of the Intellectual Dark Web actually want to debate?

–On the Bonus Show: David and Pat discuss upcoming vacations and plans for the next few weeks of the show

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