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August 23, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Teacher Katie Rinderle is fired in Georgia for reading a book containing a non-binary character to her class

— 2024 Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins that a quote about 9/11 was incorrect, but now the audio has been released confirming the quote is accurate

— One of Donald Trump’s lawyers, John Eastman, has been arrested in Georgia

— A bombshell report reveals that Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s former Chief-of-Staff, ratted Trump out to federal investigators

— Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis threatens Mark Meadows with an arrest warrant if he does not turn himself in

— A key Trump witness has retracted his false testimony after firing his MAGA lawyer

— Rudy Giuliani has been begging Donald Trump to help him with his legal fees, and Trump will reportedly hold a fundraiser for Rudy

— Donald Trump explodes in another insane Truth Social rant on the day he is skipping the first Republican debate, and on the eve of his arrest in Georgia

— Right-wing commentator Dan Bongino suggests that Donald Trump not pay his $200,000 bond in Georgia and allow himself to be kept in jail until his trial

— Voicemail caller tells David that he is “a boy”

— On the Bonus Show: Student loan debt forgiveness begins for 800,000 borrowers, India lands on the moon, 33% think COVID vaccine killed thousands, much more…

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