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August 20, 2021

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–On the Show:

–David’s girlfriend tested positive for COVID-19 in Europe during their recent trip…or did she?

–Caller talks about the disaster that is US foreign policy

–Caller discusses George W. Bush’s role in the Taliban taking over Afghanistan

–Caller asks if the government is violating the First Amendment by telling Facebook to censor anti-vaxxers

–Caller wants to know how to get people better informed on the issues

–Caller talks about getting politicians to represent the people and work on the most important issues

–Caller discusses the media’s coverage of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan

–Caller asks about the upcoming recall election for governor of California

–Caller wonders how to get people to think more critically

–Caller talks about the future of nation building after the fall of Afghanistan

–Audience Question: Are the 2022 midterm elections looking bad for Democrats?

–Audience Question: Should First Amendment protections apply to social media sites?

–Audience Question: Should Republicans run on “return to normal” in 2022?

–On the Bonus Show: Mike Lindell targets Rick Wiles, three senators test positive for COVID, Biden cancels $5.8 billion in student loan debt, and much more…

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