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August 19, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Third COVID-19 vaccine booster doses will be recommended for everyone starting in September based on new data about waning vaccine efficacy over time

–Alabama Doctor Jason Valentine will no longer treat patients who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 in his office

–Notable discussions from the David Pakman Show subreddit, including about David’s recent vacation, new media, and David’s new word “questionate”

–Widespread revisionist history of the Taliban spreads, and we look at a clip of British Chief of Defense Staff General Sir Nick Carter on Sky News talking about how great the Taliban might be

–A disheveled Trump with one eye almost completely swollen shut appears on Fox News’ Sean Hannity making no sense and looking like he woke up minutes before the interview

–Donald Trump is interviewed by Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, falsely claims COVID was “over” when he left office, and claims editorial decisions are “Communism”

–Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt falsely claims that receiving Regeneron monoclonal antibodies is “basically” being vaccinated

–The David Pakman Show YouTube channel is rapidly approaching the one billion view milestone

–Trumpist voicemail caller says that Donald Trump will definitely be reinstated to the Presidency by January 1, 2022

–On the Bonus Show: Restaurant owners sue NYC & De Blasio over vaccine mandate, 61% of Americans paid no federal income tax in 2020, Biden’s approval drops below 50% for the first time, much more…

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