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April 6, 2022

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–On the Show:

–A new study shows that primary Fox News viewers were quite successfully deprogrammed from their beliefs after watching just 30 days of CNN

–Despite the right wing claiming they are for free speech and against cancel culture, book ban efforts are at a more than 20 year high thanks to these very same right wingers

–At least 3 Republicans, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowksi, and Mitt Romney, will vote for the confirmation of Joe Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

–Former Trump administration official Matt Mowers, who is now running for a House seat in New Hampshire, voted in multiple states in the 2016 election

–Fox News reporter Peter Doocy attempts to manufacture controversy by asking White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki whether Joe Biden will denounce something that is not even happening

–Donald Trump admits that he didn’t win the 2020 election, with the usual caveats, in a recent interview

–Donald Trump bemoans that Saudi Arabia has been treated poorly by the United States in a deranged interview with Real America’s Voice

–David’s recent freckle biopsy cost $2,324

–Voicemail caller identifies the use of a classic stalling technique during David’s recent interview with Trumpist Congressional candidate Darlene Swaffar

–On the Bonus Show: White House launches plan for long COVID, Amazon worker chat bans words like “union,” Biden administration extends pause on student loan payments, and much more…

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