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April 3, 2020

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–On the Show:

–A study out of Iceland finds that as many as half of people infected with COVID-19 do not have symptoms

–The Trump administration is asking Thailand for the same masks, gloves, and other PPE that they sent them in February to fight the crisis in the United States

–Caller asks how David is handling the stay-at-home order

–Caller wonders if Coronavirus will help Trump win reelection

–Caller worries civil liberties are being suspended because of the pandemic

–Caller wonders if unborn children count towards additional money in the Cornoavirus stimulus payment

–Caller talks about the clip of a WHO doctor dodging a question about Coronavirus in Taiwan

–Caller questions how history will judge Donald Trump and his response to the pandemic

–Caller asks about how to convince young people to vote

–Caller wonders if low voter turnout means Trump wins reelection

–Caller raises concern about the discrepancy between exit polls and results in the 2020 primary

–Audience Question: Can President Trump overrule state-level stay-at-home orders?

–Audience Question: How are you taking advantage of the Coronavirus quarantine?

–On the Bonus Show: Producer Pat discusses the newly-released March jobs report, Georgia Governor just finds out virus has asymptomatic carriers, and much more…

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