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April 28, 2023

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— On the Show:

— The statistical data is unequivocally clear that gun violence is dramatically worse in red states

— 2024 Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley falsely claims it is not “likely” that Biden would live to the end of his hypothetical second term

— Donald Trump explodes, uncontrollably posting ridiculous videos to Truth Social

— Caller questions if Joe Biden is doing enough for trans people

— Caller doesn’t know why they’re conservative

— Caller wonders if anyone is going to beat Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race

— Caller talks about how to get through to Trump supporters

— Caller discusses the criminality of Donald Trump

— The Friday Feedback segment

— On the Bonus Show: Jerry Springer dead at 79, Montana Governor getting lobbied by his son on trans issues, Equal Rights Amendment blocked again, and much more…

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