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April 25, 2022

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–On the Show:

–All signs point to a crushing defeat of Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections and the real potential for Republicans to take control of the House and Senate

–After denying he ever said it, top Republican leader Kevin McCarthy is caught on tape saying he thinks Trump should resign back in the Trump riot era

–A visibly bloated and pale Russian President Vladimir Putin looks as sick as ever in newly released video

–Donald Trump holds a rally in Ohio and bizarrely rants about sinks, showers and toilets, as well as about passing a dementia screening

–Donald Trump rally attendees in Delaware, Ohio remind us of everything wrong with the United States

–An out-of-breath MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell appears at the Trump rally in Delaware, Ohio, to delivery a series of new conspiracy theories and bogus predictions

–Donald Trump is now obviously scared of how his own supporters will react to him praising the COVID vaccines, which he claims to have created

–Christopher Key, previously known to our audience as the guy promoting the drinking and injecting of urine to treat COVID, has been arrested

–Voicemail caller asks who should be the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2024

–On the Bonus Show: Emmanuel Macron is re-elected President of France, former Senator Orrin Hatch has passed away at age 88, Twitter bans ads that deny climate change, much more…

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