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April 23, 2021

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–On the Show:

–Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn has announced they are dramatically scaling back a project for a factory in Wisconsin after being treated with huge fanfare in the Trump White House

–People are using $5 ladders to scale Trump’s southern border wall

–Caller talks about systemic racism and police brutality

–Caller wants to change their parents’ minds on the police

–Caller is shocked by the right-wing reaction to the Derek Chauvin verdict

–Caller has a friend who is skeptical of the coronavirus vaccine

–Caller wonders if the police should ever use deadly force

–Audience Question: Why are mass shootings happening again in the US?

–Audience Question: Could a Republican candidate beat Trump in a primary?

–Audience Question: Is soda healthier than fruit juice?

–On the Bonus Show: CDC considering revising outdoor mask recommendations, Nancy Pelosi’s tone-deaf quote on George Floyd, Stacey Abrams obliterates Republican Senator, and much more…

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