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April 20, 2022

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–On the Show:

–JR Majewski, Republican candidate for Congress in Ohio’s 9th district, joins David to discuss, the 2020 election, the Constitution, his campaign platform, and much more

–Are food shortages really coming to the United States, as some are claiming?

–Police in Syracuse, New York aggressively arrest an 8-year-old black boy for allegedly stealing potato chips

–One of failed former President Donald Trump’s (former?) lawyers, John Eastman, is now refusing to turn over 37,000 pages of emails to the January 6 House committee investigating the Trump riots

–Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly loses it at the airport, threatening to get a JetBlue worker fired over a late flight to Turks and Caicos

–Christopher Key, known for suggesting people drink urine to treat or prevent COVID, has now escalated to injecting the urine

–Dangerous vaccine “expert” Stella Immanuael appears on the Stew Peters program to suggest that demonic clones may be living among us

–Gay voicemail caller calls in to say that he welcomes questions about being gay from other people

–On the Bonus Show: Ukraine says Russia’s offensive in Donbas has begun, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis moves to strip Disney of self-governing power, Sarah Palin’s star power appears to have dimmed significantly in Alaska, much more…

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