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April 19, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems settle their defamation lawsuit for $787 million and Fox News admits to lies in writing

— Fox News lawyers involved in the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit throw Donald Trump under the bus

— Fox News will not be forced to apologize on air as part of the $787 million settlement in their defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems

— The Bidens made $579,000 in 2022 and paid a completely expected tax rate

— Republicans are completely two-faced on “business freedom” and claiming to be for low regulations

— Republicans have completely abandoned policy and adopted a politics of fear and populist rhetoric

— Failed former President Donald Trump promises mandatory homeless camps in a bizarre new video

— Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson talk about the urge to impregnate women in part two of their deranged Fox News interview

— Voicemail caller isn’t happy that David went to England

— On the Bonus Show: Mike Pompeo will not run in 2024, Biden signs executive order to improve access to child care, South Dakota Governor says 2-year-old grandchild has several guns, much more…

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