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April 18, 2023

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— On the Show:

— James Underdown, Executive Director of the Center for Inquiry, joins David to discuss his $500,000 offer to anyone who can prove supernatural powers in a controlled environment

— Dominion Voting Systems refuses to settle its defamation lawsuit against Fox News, and the trial will start today

— Democrats are increasingly turning on Senator Dianne Feinstein and encouraging her to resign

— Elon Musk is interviewed by Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson, and it’s as bad as anyone could imagine

— Donald Trump’s team rages over new polling that shows Trump failing in swing states in hypothetical polling against Joe Biden, as compared to Ron DeSantis who is leading many of those races

— Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis threatens to build a prison next to Disney World in his continued battle against the theme park

— Republican Greg Steube bizarrely announces that he is supporting “Donald J. Chump” for President

— Voicemail caller suggests that maybe David is better looking off camera

— On the Bonus Show: Republicans line up against replacing Dianne Feinstein, SCOTUS can restore religious liberty in the workplace, George Santos announces 2024 re-election campaign, much more…

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