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April 17, 2023

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— On the Show:

— Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is involved in multiple new scandals, including claiming income from a company that has not existed for years

— Republicans stage absurd and ridiculous hearings in New York City about “violent crime” in order to attack Alvin Bragg over Donald Trump’s arrest and indictment

— 2024 Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley is caught dramatically overstating her fundraising

— Donald Trump’s indictment has supercharged his donations from the people he continues to scam and grift

— A pro-Ron DeSantis PAC publishes its first ad attacking Donald Trump in very ugly fashion

— Failed former President Donald Trump speaks at the NRA convention and delivers an extraordinarily dangerous speech

— Donald Trump absolutely explodes on Truth Social as his second arrest looms and the Fox News vs Dominion trial is about to start

— Republican Senator Ted Cruz says that police officers love him

— Former Trump propagandist Steve Bannon interviews a legitimately insane person on his show, “Mary Beth”

— A voicemail caller apparently believes David was kicked off of YouTube, and invokes the power of “Saintan”

— On the Bonus Show: David’s stories from his vacation, including explosive confrontations at the airport, and much more

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