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April 10, 2020

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–On the Show:

–Donald Trump makes the idiotic claim that his daughter Ivanka created 15 million jobs

–The media need to start fact-checking Trump in real time

–Caller wants to know what’s next for the progressive movement with Bernie Sanders dropping out

–Caller asks about David’s position on croquet

–Caller asks about what reopening the country will look like

–Caller believes everyone is lying about the coronavirus death count

–Caller worries progressives will have to wait a long time to find their next champion

–Caller’s troll routine comes to an end

–Caller wonders why White House reporters don’t yell back at Trump

–Caller explains what it’s like being disabled during the coronavirus shutdowns

–Caller sings a song about getting Trump out of office in November

–Audience Question: Will Bitcoin surge as the economy crashes due to coronavirus?

–Audience Question: Will coronavirus cause mass call-outs and protests?

–On the Bonus Show: The Joe Biden / Andrew Cuomo switch, yet another coronavirus cancellation, and much more…

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