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–On the Show:

–Steve Kaufman, former Canadian diplomat and polyglot who speaks 20 languages, joins David to discuss learning languages and much more

–A judge rules that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ new Congressional maps are completely biased and must be thrown out

–Two Republicans have been fired for an alleged “ballot harvesting” operation

–Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville struggles to put together a coherent question during a recent hearing

–Donald Trump thought that China had a “hurricane gun” with which they could “shoot” hurricanes at the United States

–Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is caught on audio recording slamming Donald Trump and praising Joe Biden

–Dangerous right-wingers are openly previewing what they hope will be the executions of abortion providers in the future thanks to the reversal of Roe v Wade

–Voicemail caller is upset with one of David’s arguments against the death penalty

–On the Bonus Show: Bill to codify abortion fails to pass the Senate, baby formula shortage creating massive parental anxiety, Thailand will give away cannabis plants, much more…

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